Online Lotteries

Currently, many players of the lottery in their own country seem to think that they are restricted by borders when it comes to picking numbers and winning cash. 20 years ago, that was certainly the case and there were few exceptions to this rule that were legal. However, times have changed thanks to the Internet and now, you can play the national lottery of Uzbekistan while sitting comfortably in your home in Ireland… or can you? Online lotteries come with their own rules and restrictions and those need to bend and mold themselves to fit the rules of the country in which they operate and the country in which they will be used.

National lotteries in your own country

Technology has become so smart these days that you don’t even need to visit your local supermarket in order to buy a lottery ticket. Even online visitors to lotto sites will be thrilled to know that when playing the lottery, they can probably even use an app on their smart-phones. This is not to say that those old-fashioned lottery booths have been removed. In many countries, people still queue in front of these every Saturday, waiting with baited breath for their turn to pick their numbers. The difference is that now, while you can play the lottery in your own country, you can play the lottery in other countries too.

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Playing online lotteries in other countries

Based on the laws and regulations of countries, it is possible for a national of one country to play the lottery of another country. However, some countries have very strict regulations in terms who can and cannot play. A USA national for example, can play the state lottery of their own state, or those in the country as a whole, but might not be able to spend money on tickets for the euro lottery in Europe. A British national will be able to participate in both the UK lotteries and the Euro millions for example. You can learn more about wagering requirements here.

The rules and regulations

To list the rules and regulations of every country when it comes to playing the lottery could take years, but if you have a particular interest in any of these, all you need to do is go online to that lottery’s website. In those, you will find not just the rules of how to play and participate, but also the restrictions you will need to keep in mind based on the country in which you live. Some of these sites will even happily give you links to other sites that sell online tickets to their lotteries that you can use to participate. We have just added a page about progressive in South Africa which can be entered in Rands.

Play the lotto for a chance to win millions

Many people play the lotto-lottery in the hope of striking it rich. There are also many people who have played the lotto for many years and now refuse to continue since they didn’t win anything. The thing to remember here is that if you do not play, you will stand no chance at all of winning the lotto jackpot. There are other options to the lotto, you could play at an online casino such as JHB casino in South Africa. The odds are better also.

If you speak to different people they will be able to provide you with different tips and strategies on supposedly increasing your chances of winning at the lotto-lottery. You need to remember that at the end of the day, the national lottery is a game of chance and you cannot fleece it in the least. If this were possible, then it wouldn’t be called a game of gambling at all.

There are also many people who pretend to be able to predict the week’s winning lotto-lottery numbers. This is incredibly absurd and these people should not even be entertained. After all, if they were truly able to predict the winning numbers, why are they selling a combination of numbers worth millions to you for a few hundred bucks?

There is no way to predict the winning numbers o the lotto-lottery, as the lottery makes use of a random number generator to select the winning numbers. This means there is no way that anyone can say what the number combination of the lotto-lottery winning numbers will be until the numbers are chosen.

Random number generators are used throughout the world in casinos and in lotto-lottery situations to ensure that all numbers generated by the machines are truly random and not generated by any one person or organisation. This makes it fair for all players involved and gives everyone the same odds at walking away a winner.

While strategies like playing the same numbers every week and playing more than once are all popular strategies that devout players of the lotto-lottery adhere to, these tips and strategies are just that – tips. Don’t be fooled into believing there is anything you can do to manipulate the lotto-lottery system.